Microchipping Your Pet

Cats and dogs can go missing for many reasons. They can easily slip out of doors or unlocked fences. Some get spooked by fireworks or the honk of a horn. Whatever the reason, there is a better chance of being returned to you if they are microchipped.

Collars and ID tags are helpful in returning lost cats and dogs to their owners, but they can easily fall off or become difficult to read over time. A microchip is a reliable form of identification for your pet and increases the odds you’ll be reunited if it becomes lost. Microchipping your pet involves implanting a rice-sized chip between a pet’s shoulder blades in a non-surgical process. Each microchip contains a unique number that is linked to the animal and its owner.

A microchip is a reliable way to keep your contact information—as well as vital information about your pet’s medical conditions— linked to your pet and increases the odds it’ll be returned to you if it’s found.  When an animal is found and taken to a shelter, impound, or veterinary clinic, one of the first things they do is scan the animal for a microchip. If they find a microchip, and if the microchip registry has accurate information, they can quickly find the animal’s owner.

BENCHS will microchip your cat or dog for $25.00/animal. Contact the shelter at 507.625.6373 to leave a message that you would like to make an appointment to have your pet microchipped. A staff member will reach out to you to find a time that will work.  If you are too far away, you can have your dog and cat microchipped at your vet or you can watch for clinics to be held in your community. MN SNAP and  Animal Humane Society  also include microchipping in their services.

Sometimes microchipped animals aren’t returned to their owners because of incorrect owner information (or no owner information) in the microchip registry database – so don’t forget to register and keep your information updated!