Adoption Program at BENCHS

Adoption Program at BENCHS

To see if you are ready for adoption, check out our “Why Adopt” and the “Are You Ready?” lists below. Another fantastic resource for you may be PetFinder’s Checklist for New Adopters.

When you’re ready, search our available pets on the Adoptable Cats and Adoptable Dogs pages and begin one of the most rewarding journeys of your life. We typically have many dogs and cats available for adoption – various ages, personalities, and sizes – and that special one is waiting just for you! If you don’t find the right one, keep checking back. New animals arrive often!

Specific details about the adoption process can be found on the Adoptable Cats and Adoptable Dogs pages. BENCHS does reserve the right to deny adoption to anyone for any reason and works as a first-come, first-serve facility. If you have any questions, feel free to email us or come in during Adoption hours.

  • You’re saving more than one life by making space for another animal in need.
  • You’re giving a second chance to a deserving animal.
  • You’re fighting back against puppy mills.
  • It costs less. Adoption fees typically don’t cover the costs incurred by the shelter.
  • You’ll encourage others to adopt from shelters.
  • Pets are good for your health.
  • These companion animals who are available to be adopted are healthy.
  • Adopting animals that are spayed and neutered controls the population of the companion animal, reduces the number of companion animals in the shelter and on the streets.
  • Many animal shelter and rescues will help you choose what kind of companion animal to get based on your lifestyle.
  • Having a companion animal can improve your health and make you feel good!!

To see if you could be ready for adoption here at BENCHS, check out the “Are You Ready” list below.

It is a privilege to have a companion animal and one should not obtain a pet impulsively. Before you adopt a pet, you must consider these questions:

  • Have you prepared for the cost of owning a pet? You have a responsibility to care for a pet throughout its life expectancy. In addition to basic needs such as food, water, and housing, there is grooming and health care.
  • Have you lined up veterinary care? Pets must be examined by a veterinarian on a regular basis and receive certain vaccinations, tests, and possible medications.
  • Do you have time to spend with a new pet? All pets require daily attention and exercise. You must provide proper training for your pet.
  • Are you ready for a change your lifestyle? A pet is a lifetime commitment and a lot of work. But pets also bring companionship, love and affection into our lives.
  • Do you have emergency funds set aside to cover unexpected emergencies? Accidents happen and animals get sick. Do you have funds set aside to pay for large, unexpected medical bill?

BENCHS believes that each dog is an individual and should be treated that way. Much like people, dogs have unique personalities and lovable quirks. Breed labeling is simply making a best guess about breed based on the physical characteristics observed. This is a pretty inexact science. Appearance is only one tiny piece of the genetic puzzle. The majority of dogs that enter our shelter are mixed breed and to arbitrarily label them based on looks seems unfair to dogs and adopters. It is for these reasons that BENCHS no longer labels with breed. Looks don’t equal behavior. Besides, it doesn’t really matter once you lock eyes and fall in love with your new best friend. Love is love. We invite you to meet any of our dogs to learn about their individual personalities so you can find the perfect dog for you.

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