Medical Fund for Specialized Care

Chip in to our Medical Fund for Specialized Care!

Our Animal Care Technicians are often first in line to care for our sick and injured animals who need us most. We make every effort to treat and care for the animals at the shelter, but there are times that an outside veterinarian clinic is the safest and best place for the animal to receive care. Unfortunately, we are not able to cover the cost of extensive medical with our operating funds.  We rely on your help to get the animals the specialized treatment they need!

When Tulelo first arrived at BENCHS, it was clear that she needed our help. She had been abused, had a belly full of roundworms, and was suffering from a very rare congenital eye condition called a dermoid. After her stray hold was up, the veterinarian determined Tulelo’s eye needed to be removed.

Thanks to loving donations, Tulelo received the care she needed. She was also spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. Soon, she found a loving family to take her home. Tulelo’s new family says she is “the best dog ever” and it’s all thanks to you!

Every dog or cat who comes through our door receives veterinary care, but some, like Tulelo, need specialized care. That level of care is only possible with help from people like you who donate to this Medical Fund for specialized care.

fluffy gray cat wearing surgical collar