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Shopping our wish lists is a great way to make a direct impact on animals experiencing homelessness. If you are interested in donating items and goods to BENCHS, please consider selecting from the various wish lists below. When you shop off our wish lists, you guarantee you are buying exactly what we need. BENCHS accepts new and gently used items based upon their relevance to our mission.

Shop and donate from the comfort of your couch! Our online wish lists are kept up-to-date with our most urgent needs, plus some of the basics we always need. The items will be shipped directly to us! When purchasing an item from our wish lists, please make sure to include your name, contact info, and group/company name (if donating as part of an organized drive) so we know who to thank!

Donations may be delivered to the shelter between 12 – 4:00 pm daily at Door #1. If mailing, they can be sent to 1250 North River Drive, Mankato, MN 56001.

Kitten Season will be starting again!

Every summer, our most urgent needs revolve around kittens! If you are able to help us out, we thank you!
< Wet Kitten food: The older kittens will eat at least one small can of wet food every day. We serve kittens pate only and prefer no fish/seafood. **We do not need adult wet food, just kitten.**
< Dry Kitten Food: We like to serve the higher protein brands – Purina Pro Plan Kitten and Chicken Soup for the Soul Kitten. **We do not need adult dry food, just kitten.**
< Kitten Milk Replacer: We’re kinda picky here, but we’ve found that PetAg KMR powder, in the 11/12 oz size works best for us.
< Miracle Nipples: This is a special nipple for kittens, and the smaller size works best.
< Clay Litter: The only safe litter for kittens is non-clumping, clay litter.
< Heating Discs: Snuggle Safe Microwaveable warming discs help the kittens stay warm.
Specific items can be found on our Chewy and Amazon Wishlists.
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  • Yes, we do accept opened bags of dog and cat food. We need to know what kind of food it is though and it cannot be expired.
  • Yes, we can accept gently used pet supplies. Please note, we cannot use retractable leashes, pinch collars, plastic dishes, or automatic feeders.
  • Yes, we can take pet beds as long as they are washable. The small to medium sizes are best.
  • Yes, we do reuse empty pet pill bottles. We are not able to accept ANY donated medicines. 
  • No, we can not use cat scratching posts, carpeted cat trees. If they are donated, they will be sold to the public.
  • No, we cannot take bedding with stuffing such as large comforters, quilts, pillows, or cushions.
  • Yes, we do accept FLAT bed sheets.
  • Yes, we do accept towels and blankets.