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Greater Mankato Area Impound @ BENCHS

Impound Update

BENCHS is asking for the community’s help in limiting the number of stray cats brought to the shelter. Our kennel license, facility space and staffing all impact how many cats we are able to care for. Please see the “Did you find someone’s pet?” section below to see how you can help!

At this time we ask for the public on cats to have a scan done for a microchip, and create a found pet report with a photograph to be emailed to [email protected]


Our first priority is to take animals found within the city limits of Mankato and North Mankato through our agreements with our local police departments. Due to our current limitation of resources, we are unable to take in stray cats or dogs from the public at this time. We very much appreciate your cooperation, understanding, and continued support.

Below you will find a listing of the animals currently in our care, helpful information for finding a lost pet, and tips for what to do if you find a cat or dog running loose on a busy city street.

Strays @ BENCHS

The animals pictured here were found and brought to BENCHS as strays by community members or police officers. If you have lost a pet, review the profiles below. Names shown were assigned to the animals upon arrival at BENCHS. If you have questions about these animals, please contact us.

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If you believe one of these animals is your pet, you will be required to:

  1. Provide conclusive evidence that you are the owner of this animal: vet records that describe the animal and identifies you as the owner, a connection to a registered microchip, photographs/video of you with the animal, knowledge of unpublished information, etc.
  2. Pay any accumulated fees. The current fees are $38 for Day 1 Intake Procedures, plus $20 /day thereafter for Boarding. All fees are subject to tax and payable by card only.
  3. Provide a photo identification of yourself.

Please bring proof of ownership, credit/debt card, and appropriate identification to BENCHS as soon as possible. Impound hours  are 7:30 am – 7:30 pm. If your pet is not microchipped, you will have the opportunity to do that before you leave for a discounted rate of $20.

According to Minnesota Statute 346.47.1.2 Seized Animals, stray animals must have a stray hold for five business days to give owners the opportunity to claim them. Because BENCHS is open seven days a week for four consecutive hours, every day of the week is considered a business day. Cats and dogs on a stray hold are not available for adoption and any inquiries will not be considered. It is our hope that all strays are reunited with their families.

Any stray not claimed during those five days will legally become the property of BENCHS. As with any BENCHS animal, they will become available for adoption when they are ready.

Did you lose your pet?

Email the following information to BENCHS:

  • Date the pet was lost
  • Clear photo of the pet
  • Breed ~  Color/Markings
  • Age
  • Gender and is your pet spayed or neutered?
  • Describe any collar or tag your pet was wearing.
  • Is your pet microchipped? If so, what is the number?
  • Please provide information about where you lost your pet. The more information you can provide, the better.
    • Exact address  ~  Nearest cross street ~  Zip code
    • Full name ~  Email address ~  Telephone number
  • Leave bedding or something with your scent near the area your dogs was last seen. For a cat, leave bedding and their litter box near your home.
  • Go door to door and talk to the neighbors.
  • Search in the evening, when it’s quiet. Call or whistle. Remember they are scared and may act differently than they do at home. Bring another dog with you. Remember to bring a leash and treats for your dog and a carrier for a cat.
  • If your pet is injured or frightened, he may be hiding. Remember that cat like to hide!
  • Drive around the neighborhood; a dog will sometimes recognize the sound of your car.
  • If you spot your pet, do not chase. Sit with your treats, softly call for your pet and offer treats.
  • Put up posters and distribute flyers with a photo and description of your pet. Don’t include every detail about your pet; hold back a distinctive feature or trait. That way, if someone calls claiming to have found your pet, you can determine if they are legitimate by asking about a feature that only someone who actually has your pet would know.
  1. Post on your own Facebook page (be sure to make it public so it it shareable). Make any updates on your original post so it is communicated through all shared posts.
  2. Share your post on the Lost Pets Mankato page and the Lost Dogs MN or Lost Cats MN page.
  3. Share your post on your neighborhood Facebook page(s).
  4. There are many other lost pet Facebook pages you could check.
  5. You may want to check apps like Nextdoor Pet Directory, Craigslist, etc
  6. Call other area impounds. Here is a list of Impound Resources for animals found in various cities and counties in southern Minnesota.

Did you find someone’s pet?

  • Approach the animal cautiously to see if it is friendly. Speak softly so you don’t scare it away.
    • Most loose dogs are lost, which means a family is looking for them. Most lost dogs can be reunited without coming to impound. YOU can help the pet get home by using a number of techniques and tools below!​​
    • If a loose cat appears healthy and is friendly, it likely belongs to someone nearby. Watch and wait. Talk to your neighbors. Stray cats are very rarely reclaimed after they are brought to the shelter. It could be an indoor/outdoor cat near its home. If no one knows anything about the cat, try to capture it.
    • If the top of a cat’s ear is removed, that is a sign that the cat is fixed. Veterinarians remove, or “tip,” the top of a cat’s ear during spay/neuter surgery to indicate they are fixed and not lost cats. They are community cats and should not be removed from their territory.
    • If a loose cat is not tame, it is probably what we call a feral cat. Feral cats are not socialized with humans. They are traditionally free-roaming outdoor cats living in a colony with other feral cats, being fed by one or more caretakers. Our nonprofit partner, For Pets, specializes in a Trap-Neuter-Release program. They may be able to help you trap the cat, spay or neuter it, and  release it back into its community or place it as a working cat. Contact Us.
    • If you find kittens (under 8 weeks old) all alone, they should be left in place and monitored for 8 hours to see if their momma returns. She could simply be out foraging for food. Their momma is their best chance for survival. If momma doesn’t return, the kittens could be orphaned and may need help to survive.  Because of their vulnerability, we will do our best to take in motherless kittens no matter where they are found.
    • If you find a mother with kittens, be sure to capture them together. Their momma is their best chance for survival. Because of their vulnerability, we will do our best to take in mothers with kittens no matter where they are found.
  • If the animal is behaving aggressively, call the local police department.
  • If the animal is injured call a vet clinic. After hours or on the weekend, call an emergency vet clinic. BENCHS is not equipped to deal with emergency medical needs.
  • Look for identification information and try to contact the owner. You can also look on the inside of the collar for identification information. Hopefully you are able to connect and the animal can be returned right away.
  • Go to neighborhood homes asking if they know anything about the animal. Walk them around the block. You may find the owners during the search. Post flyers to help reunite pets and families.
  • Take pictures and post on social media (Neighborhood Facebook Pages, Lost Pets Mankato FB, Lost Dogs/Cats MN FB, Craigslist, Petfinder, Nextdoor Pet Directory, etc.).
  • Take it to a veterinarian or bring it to BENCHS to be scanned for a microchip. This is a tiny chip implanted in the skin that holds the owner’s information.
  • If you find a stray dog or cat: Please call the non-emergency line of your local police department and request to file a police report on the stray animal. Unfortunately, BENCHS is unable to take stray animals that are not brought to us directly by our local Police Department.