Fall Sale at BENCHS

Annual Fall Sale Fundraiser @ Blue Earth Nicollet County Humane Society

Our Fall Sale Fundraiser will feature some of the wonderful items we have donated to BENCHS. At times, we find our shelves overflowing with donations and limited storage space so we sell some of them to raise funds for the cats and dogs who come through our doors. And other items are simply not appropriate for us to use at the shelter, but that someone’s pet would love to have at their home! Many items are brand new!

All of the proceeds of our fundraisers help support the daily and veterinary care of the cats and dogs who are in our shelter. We strive to give them the best care possible, but that takes money. We truly appreciate your support!

We are looking for several volunteers to help prepare for the sale in early September, as well as volunteers to help during the sale, and then tear down.

Volunteers Needed!

Looking for volunteers to help with the logistics of the sales events..