Give Monthly

Join the Kibble Klub, Our Monthly Giving Program

Each gift, no matter the level, sustains our mission and writes a positive future for the animals in our care. Donors who make monthly gifts are part of the Kibble Klub because their support provides reliable funding for the food, shelter, medical care, microchip and socialization that homeless BENCHS dogs and cats need. In addition, it helps reduce administration and fundraising costs and ensures your gift goes further to support animals in our community.

Each donation can provide services like:

  • Your gift of $100/month could provide specialized surgery for a homeless pet in a life threatening situation.
  • Your gift of $75/month could spay or neuter 18 pets to stop the cycle of accidental litters.
  • Your gift of $25/month could provide prescription medicine to 6 dogs or cats with special needs.
  • Your gift of $10/month could vaccinate a litter of 5 puppies or kittens to protect them from life-threatening diseases.

Automated monthly donations are an easy and convenient way for donors to budget their gifts taken from a designated bank account each month. Any Kibble Klub donor whose annual donation is $35 or more automatically becomes a member of BENCHS.

Become a Kibble Klub member and join our monthly donor club!

To become a Kibble Klub member, select the amount of donation you wish to make each month, then click the “Make This Monthly” button. 

If you have questions or experience technical difficulties with the donation form, please call 507-625-6373 or email